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Prevent and Protect with our Suncare Range

Ella Baché continues to lead the Australian sun category with protective products that offer heavy weight beauty benefits.

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Spring signals the start of the warmer weather, where the days are getting longer and the skin is exposed to UV damage on a daily basis.

Over the Spring and Summer months UV can reach maximum levels as early as 9am and maintain these levels until 5pm in the afternoon.

When the sun is at maximum UV level, your skin can burn in as little as 10 minutes without sun protection. And that is just the burning action on the skin. Within these 10 minutes UV damage will also contribute to the long-term damage of wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of firmness and the development of skin cancer.

So now is the perfect time to add Ella Baché suncare products to your daily skin care routine, to not only protect the skin from harmful UV rays, but protect it from the ageing process.

Highly effective, each product has been specifically formulated to offer maximum skin benefits. Our suncare products offer broad spectrum SPF 30+ protection as well as moisturisers to ensure skin stays perfectly hydrated and conditioned. From nourishing moisturisers to antioxidants, Ella Baché puts the ‘care’ back into sun.

Regular use of our suncare products helps prevent the signs of premature ageing. Regular and frequent use of our suncare products can also protect against long-term sun damage and reduce some incidence of skin cancer.